Crowdfunding Expert Kendall Almerico: A Crowdfunding Campaign Will Fail If It Does Not Do This

Crowdfunding Tip of the Week: The Future of thepresent, a Campaign in Two Acts

Write a short e-mail or a press release, and have it ready to deliver to them on launch day. But for weeks before launch, reach out to the bloggers and journalists. Tweet to them, re-tweet their tweets, interact with them. Send them e-mails about what they have written. Engage them for weeks before pitching them.

As Thrifts workload increased, pushing his delivery date way beyond what he promised, he kept his backers updated through a series of videos, 16 in all, which he premiered on the full moon of every month. His backers loved it, many commenting how they made the wait much easier to take. They also missed the videos, and Thrift missed making them. So hes back to ask you to help him fund The Future of thepresent, which is being launched two years to the day of his last campaign. The monthly video series will explore the nature of time with owners of his annual clock.


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