Why An Equity Crowdfunding Site Could Become The Largest Marketplace In The World

Crowdfunding site looks to help nonprofit art organizations

Now here is why Im wrong. By a lot of measures, equity crowdfunding may have the dynamics of great marketplaces . It is attacking a huge market that has massive inefficiencies. In the case of consumer and retail, CircleUps focus, there are 700,000 consumer and retail companies with $1M-10M in revenue- almost all of which will need to raise equity to grow at some point. By most accounts, the average company takes 12 months to raise money offline, as compared to 2-3 months on CircleUp. There are also huge reasons an online marketplace will make private investing, and fundraising, a much better experience than the status quo: less travel, more efficient deal screening and investor screening, increased transparency and data, etc. Naturally, these advantages should expand the size of the current market even more. All of this is great. Unfortunately, equity crowdfunding wont capture that trillion dollar market thats out there. Why? First, because equity crowdfunding is not a better experience for all forms of Reg D offerings. That $1.3T market mentioned above? $1.1T are pooled investment vehicles.
visit http://www.forbes.com/sites/ryancaldbeck/2013/11/11/why-an-equity-crowdfunding-site-could-become-the-largest-marketplace-in-the-world/

Finn Apparel Crowdfunding Campaign Offers Unique Twist to Acquire the Company’s Stylish Clothing

Louis Classical Guitar Society and the Opera Theater of Saint Louis. Cindy Prost , president of A&E, said that since its soft launch last week, the site has garnered more than 150 donations, which have averaged $33. Thats exactly what a lot of our research has shown, she said. The site is not designed for the major giver. More and more, philanthropic fundraising is changing because of the demographics and technology. We certainly have a segment of donors who will still open an appeal letter, but more and more, people want this info on their phone or computer or tablet.
visit http://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/blog/BizNext/2013/11/crowdfunding-site-to-help-nonprofit.html

Our trouser is a timeless piece where vintage meets modern. Built around a slim straight fit with the perfect rise; not too skinny, not too loose with an unmatched comfort in the perfect cotton twill. We’ve spared no expense in the quality, detail, and design precision that go into this trouser. It’s a true portrait of excellence. Every trouser is consistent in quality and detail. Weave sourced some of the finest fabrics from around the world, and the blend makes for one of the most comfortable pair of pants you will ever wear,a stated Dustin Vann, Cofounder of Finn Apparel. The Line of Finn Apparel is currently available on Kickstarter until November 22nd with an estimated product delivery of December, making the companyas clothing an excellent Christmas gift. The Finn Apparel product line ranges in price from $18 to $88 for individual items and from $110 to $375 for packaged acollectionsa of the companyas products.
visit http://www.streetinsider.com/Press+Releases/Finn+Apparel+Crowdfunding+Campaign+Offers+Unique+Twist+to+Acquire+the+Company%E2%80%99s+Stylish+Clothing/8882514.html

Crowdfunding launch for the Panono throwable panorama camera

View all Created by Jonas Pfeil and team, Panonos multi-lensed ball looks more like a Jedi training ball or paintball grenade than a camera. Initially developed in 2011 as a large green prototype , the latest iteration is significantly smaller. Specifications for the Panono show it to have a diameter of 4.33 in (around 11 cm), with a weight of 0.66 lb (300 g). The body of the ball is made of clear plastic, which the designers claim is water-resistant, and is tough enough to survive being dropped a few times. Panonos ball camera, armed with 36 tiny lenses, is capable of capturing a 72 megapixel panoramic scene from an elevated position. How the device captures the overhead image is what makes the Panono stand out from other throwable cameras, like the Squito for example. An integrated accelerometer is programmed to fire all 36 fixed focus cameras at the apex of the throw, or when the ball starts to decelerate, providing a 360 degree view from on high. Spherical images can then be viewed in an app running on a tablet or smartphone by moving the device around.
visit http://www.gizmag.com/panono-throwable-panorama-camera/29761/


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