Sterlingfunder Releases New Ebook On Equity Crowdfunding

SterlingFunder Launches New Website for Its Equity/Debt Crowdfunding Portal

My hope in writing this book was to clear up some of the confusion about crowdfunding that is out there right now,” says author Wilson. I want to give people clear information about crowdfunding and the JOBS Act and then show them some practical steps for using the Invest Georgia Exemption. I’ve been an entrepreneur and I wrote this book for entrepreneurs and business people, not lawyers. About SterlingFunder, LLC SterlingFunder is an Atlanta-based equity and debt crowdfunding platform. In addition to facilitating national crowdfunding transactions, SterlingFunder is the nation’s only crowdfunding portal for non-accredited investors, under the Invest Georgia Exemption. SterlingFunder is accredited by CAPS and is also a member of the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) and Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA), two membership organizations working with regulation, reporting and compliance oversight of the crowdfunding industry.

We connect entrepreneurs and investors and provide a marketplace for equity-based crowdfunding. Our role in the startup & growth ecosystems is helping businesses get funded. The SterlingFunder web-based platform serves both investors and entrepreneurs with innovative tools and an extensive Learning Hub. Investors and entrepreneurs can sign up at and create a Company and/or Investor Profile.

SterlingFunder Claims First Non Accredited Equity Offering on Crowdfunding Platform

Sterlingfunder first offer ever for non accredited investors

This means that any Georgia resident can go online and make an equity investment in a Georgia-based company quickly and easily through equity crowdfunding platform SterlingFunder . Until the federal government approved the JOBS act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act) a year ago, securities placement was governed by the SEC Act of 1933. The JOBS Act removes some of the constraints imposed by the SEC Act of 1933, yet the SEC has not yet implemented these changes. To give Georgians a head start rule makers approved The Invest Georgia Exemption in 2012 which makes it legal for non-accredited investors to make intrastate investments (Georgia resident investing in a Georgia company) through crowdfunding. How is this different from Kickstarter, Indiegogo and AngelList? Kickstarter and Indiegogo provide crowdsourcing of non-equity contributions. AngelList requires all investors to be accredited and the transaction must occur through Second Market (not online). These are exciting times with state law makers removing barriers for startups, says Dan Popovic, cMEcompete Founder. Now it is time for Georgians to take advantage of this opportunity by investing in new Georgia businesses and fueling the States economic recovery.


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